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Financially Fit Females is a community oriented group that’s fun and comfortable to join, but the most important reason to become a member is to take part in a learning process that benefits you financially!

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Financially Fit Females members benefit from practical information and education on a full range of financial topics.

As a member, you’ll:

  • Overcome the fear or intimidation the topics of money and investing often involve for women.
  • Learn creative ways to save more money or reduce your spending.
  • Discover practical ways to make the most of your savings.
  • Figure out how to retire early and turn your life goals into reality.
  • Set realistic financial goals that enable you to become more financially fit this year.
  • Have the support, encouragement and help you need to meet your financial goals.
  • Meet with other smart, like-minded women in a relaxed social setting focused on helping each other improve their financial situations.
  • Share information on books, classes or clubs women can use to learn more about managing their finances.

Financially Fit Females members learn practical, realistic strategies they use to pay down their mortgages fast. Imagine paying off your home in less than 12 years instead of 30 – with a potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Members also learn how to invest their own money themselves instead of relying on a broker and trusting their money to someone who may or may not know what they’re doing! Members learn exactly what mutual funds, bonds and other types of investments are, how they work, how safe they are and when an investment is or isn’t a sound strategy or smart financial move.

When you join Financially Fit Females, getting out of debt, paying down your mortgage and figuring out ways to invest your own money wisely become a reality. Instead of living in the dark or hiding your head in the sand regarding finances, you’ll put practical strategies to work to develop and achieve your personal financial goals.

Financially Fit Females is a safe place to find out anything and everything you’re wondering about or don’t understand about finances. Members have the opportunity to ask questions at group meetings, and topics often develop when we realize, everyone else has the same question, too!

Financially Fit Females attracts quality speakers who provide in-depth information on a specific financial topic at each monthly meeting. Members also benefit from smaller meetings that are ideal for goal setting, obtaining support and becoming accountable for your goals. Workshops, our website and blog provide even more opportunities for women to work on their own financial fitness.

Financially Fit Females carry a membership card that represents the investment they’ve made in themselves – an investment that pays back! It demonstrates the commitment members have made to educating themselves on finances and taking the steps that allow them to grow their wealth over time.

Joining Financially Fit Females is like paying yourself to attend, because everything that you learn will either help you today or help you down the road. The more educated you are about finances, the more financial mistakes you’ll avoid, and the wealthier you’ll be in the long run.

Financially Fit Females keep the topic of financial fitness at the top of their minds. They’re able to avoid over-spending just to alleviate stress at the end of a bad day, and work on improving their financial situations instead of making things worse.

Ultimately, making wiser choices about spending, saving and investing allows Financially Fit Females members to achieve their ultimate goal of passing their wealth on to future generations or their favorite charities.

When you join Financially Fit Females, you’re on the brink of something so big, you’ll be proud to be a part of it from the very beginning. As publicity expands and our group continues to grow, we look forward to expanding beyond Denver to Boulder, Colorado Springs and ultimately nationwide.

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