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Who is Financially Fit Females for?

Financially Fit Females is for any woman who wants to be more financially savvy. Regardless of age, experience or skills, all of our members want to learn more about money!

Financially Fit Females is perfect for any woman who wants to…

  • Become more financially savvy this year
  • Often feel intimidated by the topic of finances and investing
  • Would like to meet other smart, like-minded women in a relaxed social setting
  • Want to learn creative ways to save more money or reduce spending
  • Want to learn some ways to make the most out of savings
  • Want to figure out how to retire early or turn life goals into reality
  • Would like to set some financial goals and have others encourage, support and help them  meet those goals in the coming year

Financially Fit Females’ members are as young as 18 and as old as 63. They are entrepreneurs, W-2 wage earners, single women, married women and women with or without kids. Some members have college degrees and substantial money to invest, while others don’t know how to balance a checkbook or may be swimming in debt.

Women join at various levels of financial fitness, ages and life stages, but everyone meets two basic criteria.

  • They are willing to learn more and be educated about financial fitness.
  • They’re eager to support other women in the group, share their knowledge, and cheer on other members!

Regardless of your financial situation, if you are a woman that’s eager to learn more and support others as you move together towards financial fitness, Financially Fit Females offers exactly what you need.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

1. Throughout college, I supported myself with my own part time business. When I graduated, I couldn’t wait to operate full time and become a professional. I’d never had any savings, and I had a complete lack of confidence about managing finances. I realized that just getting by with money in my personal life wouldn’t work with a full time business. I needed financial skills fast if my business was going to thrive. I needed not only knowledge, but fresh ideas from other women and support to start thinking about my business in a different way.

2. After my divorce, I found myself not only bankrupt, but struggling with raising two teenage daughters on my own. By the age of 18, my oldest daughter had not only run up thousands of dollars in debt of their own, but cost me a fortune in wrecked cars and other expenses. I’m desperate to learn how to control my finances, pay off my own and my daughter’s debt and help all of us learn how to manage money responsibly once and for all. The problem is, I’m not sure where to turn for help, or if the kind of help I need is even out there.

3. After years of working my way up in my company, this year I finally made top sales person. I got a huge bonus, and I’m torn between going on vacation and paying down the debt I’ve been carrying for years. Then there’s the emergency fund I’ve wanted to set up to help control credit spending. I want to make the right decisions, but it always seems like it’s easier to just keep on spending. Plus, I feel like I deserve a reward! I wonder if it’s even possible to pay off my credit cards, or if I could ever save up enough money to deal with emergencies without more credit card spending?

4. I recently went through a horrible divorce that left me not only an emotional wreck, but a financial disaster, too. I wanted out of my relationship so badly, I didn’t opt for alimony. Then I realized, my husband had wracked up a huge amount of debt I would have to pay off. I’m finally thinking clearly, and I know I need a plan to pay off this debt and move on with my life. I’m sure I could make some changes for the better in terms of my spending habits, but I don’t know where to begin or even where to turn for guidance.

5. My family never talked about money, and I’ve been in debt my whole life. I’ve always overspent on credit cards and accumulated huge amounts of debt. Sometimes I’ve managed to pay some of them down, but I always end up spending again and owing as much or more than I did before. Now I’m struggling to try to get out of debt I’ve accumulated with my small business, but I’m barely making any progress. I’m so tired of what feels like an endless cycle, but I don’t have any support or guidance from my family and I have no idea how to make the changes that could make a difference in my financial situation.

6. I’m getting ready to leave corporate America and transition into operating my own business. I’ve been OK financially in the past, but I’m not at all confident about my ability to handle business’ finances. I know I’ll need to learn new skills and develop a different strategy when it comes to money than what’s worked OK for me in the past. I’m just not sure what I even need to know, let alone where to find the information I need.

If any of these scenarios sounds like your personal situation Financially Fit Females has just what you need!

The only requirement for membership is a willingness to commit to doing the work it take to be financially fit. Above all, this involves showing up to meetings and participating consistently and confidently! Do you have a desire to: earn more, save more, make smart investments, spend wisely, and pass it on?

If this sounds like you or you share some of your goals, you’re likely to be very successful as a member of Financially Fit Females!