How We Work

Financially Fit Females is an organization of women who all share the common goal of becoming more financially fit. We work toward the goal of financial fitness in four different ways

1. Financially Fit Females Group Meetings

Group meetings held the third Thursday of each month are at the core of how members reach their goals.

Monthly meetings focus on a specific topic and are always educationally based, so members can walk away with new knowledge to apply during the following month. These meetings may include a special guest speaker or educational small workshop.

Financially Fit Females monthly meetings follow a format designed to help members achieve their goals in several ways.

  1. Each meeting begins with an hour of social and business networking.
  2. Appetizers and beverages are served so members have a chance to unwind from their day, arrive and get settled.
  3. The meeting follows the networking hour and starts with any announcements or housekeeping items of importance.
  4. We then go around the room so everyone has an opportunity to say who they are, what they do and tell any financial success story they might have to share with the group.
  5. Everyone in the group has a chance to highlight and be recognized for any personal progress that they’re making towards their financial fitness.

2.  Financially Fit Females Meet-ups for Members

In between the monthly group meetings, Financially Fit Females members have smaller group get-togethers called meet-ups. These are informal, smaller gatherings held at the coffee shop on a Wednesday night in-between our monthly meetings. They’re a great way to get to know other members on a more personal basis.

Meet-ups are the ideal time to share specific financial goals and ask other members for accountability checks to help you maintain your progress in reaching your financial goals. These smaller meetings offer a great opportunity to ask for help, referrals or to get feedback on projects that you’re currently working on.

3.  Financially Fit Females Full Day Workshops

In addition to the regular monthly meetings and smaller meet-ups, Financially Fit Females may also choose to participate in special workshops. Throughout the year, members are invited to attend two or three full day workshops. These reasonably priced, optional workshops are not included in the annual membership fee.

Examples of special workshops offered in the past include a full day focused on “Being Bold.” Presented by a professional business consultant, this workshop facilitated all members in attendance to dig deep into figuring out what it would take for them to be bold in their financial lives, in their businesses and in their personal finances. Members spent a full day writing, thinking and talking through steps leading toward the formation of clear goals.

A second example of a full day workshop held in 2009 was a special, co-ed event that was opened up to the public in addition to Financially Fit Female members. Led by a financial expert, this workshop focused on a variety of topics related to money, including making it, saving it, investing it and passing it on. Strategies on how to reduce debts, pay down mortgages and recommendations for additional resources were included in this workshop.

4.  Organized Volunteer Work in the Local Community

In addition to helping Financially Fit Females members achieve their financial goals, in 2010 we are planning to utilize organized volunteer efforts to help women in our community from a financial perspective.

Planned volunteer work includes an annual suit drive with Dress for Success, an organization designed to provide women just starting out on their own or trying to secure a job with the suits they need for interviews or work. We hope to provide women in the community with counseling on how to write their resumes, as well as how to develop and improve their interviewing skills.

We also have plans to work with The Girls, Inc., an organization for junior high and high school aged-girls. We are hoping to help them achieve the goal of starting out with a solid, financially fit foundation. Through our volunteer work, Financially Fit Females hopes to help these girls learn how to balance a checkbook and obtain other basic financial information they may not have access to anyplace else.

Financially Fit Females takes a multi-faceted approach to helping women achieve the goal of financial fitness together. By participating in monthly group meetings, meet-ups and optional workshops or volunteer work, members can focus on financial fitness in the way that works best for them.

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