February 2013 Financially Fit Females Meeting with Jonathan Manske

Would you like to become more FINANCIALLY SAVVY this year?

Is this YOUR YEAR to take control of your FINANCIAL FUTURE?

Would you like someone to show you how to turn your dreams and goals into a reality?

If so, please mark your calendar and make sure to be there on Thursday, February 21st when we get rolling with our BRAND NEW and REMARKABLY IMPROVED Financially Fit Females of the FUTURE!

Thursday, February 21st is our first “official” Financially Fit Females meeting with our new and improved format!



Our special guest speaker that night will be Jonathan Manske, who is the world’s only Cerebral Sanitation Engineer and he is going to teach us several techniques on how to “Take Out Our Head Trash Around Money”!!

We all know that building wealth and prosperity is an inside out job! Meaning – we have to get our minds and thoughts in a place of receiving in order to have sustainable wealth and abundance. Jonathan is just the person to help us!

Since 1993, Jonathan has been working with individuals and organizations to Unleash Potential & Unleash Happiness.

Jonathan assists people to get clear about what they really want. Then he works with them to remove all of the self-imposed obstacles that are in their way ~ obstacles like: fear, limiting beliefs and perspectives, lack of confidence, lack of self-belief, poor self-image, and other head trash.


His passion is to is to unleash people’s potential and set them free! He works with people to create happiness, fulfillment, success, prosperity, and wealth.

During this meeting Jonathan will be teaching us a couple of his amazing Wealth Consciousness techniques like:

– The Shaw-Masnske “Circling Your Spine” Technique
– “What If” Technique

– And Albert Einstein’s most important question we can ever answer for ourselves.

Jonathan will also share with us his personal story of transformation into making Wealth Consciousness his part time job, which over a year ago prompted him to create his Daily “Wealth Consciousness Bootcamp”.

Jonathan is a professional speaker and trainer. He speaks frequently about the consciousness and psychology of success, how to get out of your own way so that you can unleash your potential, and how to create happiness and upgrade your quality of life. He loves to provide people with tools that they can easily use to produce positive and meaningful change in their lives.

Jonathan is also the author of “The Law of Attraction Made Simple”, “A Great Life Does Not Happen By Accident” and, “The Motivation Myth”and I’ve asked him to stick around after he speaks to autograph copies of his books for us that evening!

To learn more about our special guest speaker Jonathan Manse visit his website at:www.jonathanmanske.com

New Meeting Agenda:

5:45PM – Doors Open

5:45PM – 6:00PM Registration and Sign In

6:00PM – 6:30PM New Member Orientation – Please be on time for all New Members and Guests.

6:30PM Members Arrive and Sign In

6:30PM – 7:00PM Welcome and Introductions – “Smart Money Moment” from each Member and guest

7:00PM – 7:3PM Special guest speaker – Jonathan Manske – Cerebral Sanitation Engineer

7:30PM – 7:40PM – “Power Packed Purse” Session – Lesson’s learned from Jonathan that we want to carry away in our Power Packed Purse!

7:40PM – 8:10PM “Mini Mastermind” Session – Get feedback, ideas, input, resources on any challenge or issue from 4 other smart, like-minded women at your table.

8:10PM – 8:20PM “Personal Prosperity Plan” Specific time to review your annual goals, set your monthly and weekly goals and chose your March Accountability Partner who will check in with you at the next meeting.

8:20PM – 8:30PM – “Attitudes of Abundance” – Specific time to journal and reflect on what you learned, what you’re going to take action on this month and other thoughts you want to capture around gratitude, prosperity and abundance.

8:30PM – 8:40PM – Wrap Up and Special Announcements

8:40PM – 9:00PM – “Savvy Sisters Kindred Konnections” – Networking with other smart and like-minded Financially Fit Females.



If you are ready to take the “bull by the horns”, or “Your Purse By The Straps” and make 2013 your most successful year ever, then make sure you are there on Thursday, February 21st and learn how to “Take Out Our Head Trash Around Money”!







Date: Thursday, February 21st

Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Location: Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion

Address: 770 Pennsylvania Street, Denver, CO 80203  (Between 7th and 8th street – Enter on Pearl side of the building)


The entrance to the Mansion is on the Pearl Street Side of the building. There are 16 parking spaces right in the Mansion’s parking lot and additional 50 spots right across the street diagonal to the mansion on the corner of Pearl and 8th street.

This is going to be perfect timing to work on our money issues from the inside out and get our year started out in the right direction! You are NOT going to want to miss this meeting!!!

Here’s to your financial success!

Sharlene Douthit

Founder of Financially Fit Females



Feel free to invite your smart female friends to come and check us out!

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