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Financially Fit Females began when I set a goal for myself to become more financially fit. Like many women, I worked hard at earning a good income, saved in my 401K and spent just as much on “stuff” I thought I needed. Ultimately, I knew I needed more stability and wanted more resources for my future.

I had an eye opening experience a few years ago, when I took a class called “Your Money or Your Life.” What I learned really changed my life and made me want to take better control of my finances, figure out ways to earn more money, and figure out better ways to protect what I’d been working so hard to save and invest.

I suddenly became aware that if I’d had a vision of my financial future – if I’d had a goal – I could have saved so much more money! I could have invested so much more! I could have been so much smarter with the way I was spending.

This class helped me take a closer look at my spending habits. I realized just how frivolous I was being with my  money. I looked back at my receipts for the year and added up all the sweaters, purses, shoes, martinis and the trips to Target. I was amazed to realize I had spent over $3,000 at the sushi restaurant around the corner from my house over the course of the year. Yes- over $3,000 on sushi and martinis with my friends! Not a lot to show for that huh?

I started to read more book about personal finance, and one of the books suggested joining a women’s group where I could be around like-minded ladies who shared the same goal of becoming more financially fit.

The problem was, no such group existed! There were women’s groups, but the only ones related finances were investment clubs. Tips on stocks and bonds weren’t really what I was looking for.

I wanted education on financial fitness from an overall perspective. So my life coach at the time suggested I start the support group myself. So I sent an email to my friends, thinking they would probably think I was a big dork, to see if anyone else would be interested in the idea. To my surprise, everyone thought it was a really great idea! I was overwhelmed by the number of women who wanted to be a part of a group like this.

The first Financially Fit Females meeting was held in January of 2009 at my house. What started out as six or seven people quickly grew to more than sixty members attending our meetings over the course of the year. Nearly all of the members found out about us through word of mouth referrals.

The members of Financially Fit Females are a wonderfully unique and diverse group of women. We have members that range from eighteen up to sixty three. We have some people that are coming to us with major consumer debt from college loans, mortgages, or credit cards. Others are small business owners interested in learning how to better market and expand their growing companies.

Then there are those who come into the group really well off with a half million dollars or more in the bank. Usually, they’re looking for an education on not only the safest places to invest their money, but also the know-how to get rid of their expensive brokers so they can start to manage their money themselves.

Financially Fit Females is designed to work for women of all ages, from all different backgrounds and of all financial levels. We’re all working towards common goals, meeting these goals, and feeling great about themselves for doing it! One thing that all of our members definitely share is a desire to be more financially savvy, and in control of their financial futures.

Instead of just going out and having cocktails with their friends, Financially Fit Females members are taking the time to invest in themselves. They’re taking advantage of an opportunity to do something they might never do on their own, and to receive the support they need to stick with their financial goals long term.

Our members realize, that the security they feel from having a solid plan in place for their financial future is priceless. It effects and impacts every aspect of their personal well being. It also lends itself to happier families, relationships, and brighter futures where they live to see their dreams and goals turn into a reality. Financially Fit Females provides the education, support and accountability women need to gain that control.

Financially Fit Females is a safe place where women can talk freely about any financial issues. It’s a place where you can talk about anything, raise your hand if you have a question and know that, no matter what you don’t know or understand, nobody’s going to laugh at you! Everybody is going to say, “Yeah, I’ve always wanted to know that too.”

This group is a place for women who are ready to make a positive change in their financial lives.

We’re women seeking practical solutions that can help us chip away at debt, put money towards retirement, learn how and where to invest, and support each other in meeting our goals.

As the founder of Financially Fit Females, I’m not a financial advisor. I’m here to bring together women with a common goal. This is the smartest investment you can make to know that your on the right path to financial fitness.

I look forward to having you become a member of Financially Fit Females!

To your financial success,

Sharlene Douthit

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